Fire alarm life safety systems

Design, Installation and Comissioning

A fire alarm life safety system is an essential tool to protect life, and also property.  In most buildings, a fire alarm life safety system is essential, to ensure that all occupants are aware of a fire developing in its earliest stage.

As a specialist contractor, we are qualified to design, install and commission a fire alarm life safety system in your premises, to be fully compliant with current legislation and installation codes of practice.

We offer a comprehensive design, installation, commissioning and maintenance package.

We are competent and trained to work on Kentec, C-Tec, Gent and Siemens fire alarm panels, along with many others.

Over many years, we have worked in schools, hotels, restaurants, public houses, private houses, and even a Monastery.

Our highly experienced engineers have the required experience and detailed product knowledge to design, install and commission conventional, analogue addressable, radio and hybrid fire alarm life safety systems.

We will never install closed protocol fire alarm, as we do not believe customers should be forced to stay with a particular installer / manufacturer / service provider.  We do, however, have the ability to work on many closed protocol fire alarm systems.  Please contact us for further details.


Fire alarm life safety systems are designed to provide the earliest possible warning of a fire, this will give all occupants the opportunity to evacuate as soon as possible, reducing the risk to life.

Carrying out maintenance on your fire alarm life safety system will help to ensure it will operate as required in the event of a fire.  Regular maintenance will also reduce the likelihood of false alarms.

Resolving faults

We often diagnose and rectify faults other service providers could not resolve.  We regularly deal with problems on fire alarm systems over the phone, without the need for an expensive call out.  This is only available for existing contracted customers.

An engineer is on call 24 hours a day, every day.

Innovative solutions

In certain circumstances, faults with fire alarm systems have the ability to close your business, particularly in the hospitality sector.  We often devise innovative solutions to ensure your business remains operational.

And now, the large print

You will never be tied into a contract with us.  Obviously, we would like to continue to provide our service to you, but we fully understand you have a choice.  We can tell you, that over the years, some customers have chosen to move to a different service provider, and have come back to us.

Fire alarm life safety system require at least 2 visits per annum, on a 6-monthly basis, if your service provider is still visiting quarterly, you probably want to speak to us.

All call outs to site are chargeable.  Faults resolved over the phone are not chargeable, for existing customers, having their fire alarm life safety system maintained under contract.